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Why are So Many Parking Tickets Overturned?

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  • 4th August 2011
  • Administrator
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If you decide to contest a parking ticket in the UK, chances are good that you’ll be successful in getting it overturned. When motorists take action and appeal their parking tickets, as many as 70 percent succeed in getting the fines withdrawn.

Why such an impressive success rate? Quite often, tickets are issued without substantial reason. Signage in many locations is either unclear or inadequate. Some parking bays are too small, leaving your vehicle hanging out in the street. A ticket for parking on a single yellow line may be invalid if you kept within the twenty minute allowance for loading and unloading.

In private parking garages, the burden of proof lies with the ticket issuer, who must provide evidence that you were the driver of the vehicle in question. Be sure to check the amount of the fine as well; fines that exceed the standard amount may be invalid. These are only a few examples of instances in which you may be able to contest a ticket and win.

If you decide not to complain, and you pay your fine within 14 days, you will receive an automatic 50 percent reduction of the fine. If you’re certain that the ticket is valid, this may be the best course. However, if you have witnesses, photographic evidence, or both, that your car was not improperly parked, it could be well worth the time and effort to contest the ticket.

The fact that so many parking tickets are overturned can be viewed as very encouraging news for motorists. It means you don’t have to accept without demur any ticket you may receive. Knowing that there’s a chance your ticket is not valid could be just the incentive you need to take quick action and gather any evidence in your favour.

Of course, the optimal scenario would be for motorists to work together to reduce the number of tickets they receive in the first place by simply looking out for each other. Give someone a shout if you see them about to be ticketed; caution others in the area if you notice a traffic warden or parking attendant issuing tickets. These may seem like small actions, but they could save drivers countless hours fighting unnecessary tickets.