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Why you should care about the Garfield Road Car Park - Even If you have no idea where Chingford is.

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  • 4th August 2011
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I got pulled aside the other day by a lady who lives on the road where my office is. She handed me a  piece of paper and explained that some of the other residents were trying to get as many signatures together, for a petition to stop the closure of the Garfield Road Car Park.

Now if you live outside of Chingford you may not know where it is, and even if you lived inside of Chingford you probably wouldn’t know the whereabouts of Garfield Road Car Park. But here’s a quick heads up. Chingford is a small town on the borders of North East London, and Essex. I’ve only lived here for 3 years now but people seem friendly enough, streets seem safe, high street still has a lot of character about it as the chain stores haven’t really taken over just yet and there are many thriving independent shops. But like many towns in our country, parking can be a real chore.¬†

Some mornings when I drive into work, I can find a spot, on others I have to drive around a little bit and when all else fails, there’s always the Garfield Road Car Park. It’s Pay and Display, but as far as I can see, it solves two purposes. One is the obvious one...There’s no way near enough free parking in the area, so even though its not free, at the car park is a lifesaver. The second is that Garfield road itself is a single lane road...if two cars are coming from opposite directions, then chaos ensues, unless of course you turn into the Garfield Road Car Park and harmony returns.

The local authorities plan is not only to sell off these absolutely vital parking spaces, but once sold, the word is that a nice block of flats is on the way. Fantastic! More housing options. But an increase in residents equals an increase in cars. The closure of these vital car parks, will cause enforced illegal parking and we all know what that leads to...more parking tickets!