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  • 4th August 2011
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Using the Mind My Motor app is actually one of the easiest ways we can show ourselves part of the Big Society our Prime Minister is enthused about...And he is absolutely spot on. With hundreds of thousands of UK motorists armed with the app, we will make an impact.

The more people to whom you recommend this app, the greater your chances of someone else looking out for your motor. Remember, not only does the MMM app allow other users to alert you when they see your motor about to be ticketed, but it also sends an alert to all users within a 50 meter radius, warning them that the traffic warden is in the area. Be prepared—when bystanders notice several people around them getting an alert on their phones and then rushing toward their vehicles, they’re going to want to know why.

So…get the app, by all means. But don’t stop there! Tweet about it, like it on Facebook, email your friends. Waylay your co-workers, enlighten your relatives; tell anyone you know who would welcome the chance to avoid getting a parking ticket smacked on their windscreen or having their car towed away.

If you see some unfortunate soul without our app being booked, and they come back out to their car, express your commiseration for their plight, of course—then tell them about the service and how to register.

This is about looking out for each other. So let’s do all we can to make this thing go viral, and minimise everyone’s chances of getting a ticket again. You’ve heard there are six degrees of separation between us all…we believe there’s only one. With minimal effort on the part of each MMM user, we can truly make a difference, and begin bringing peace to the streets.