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Don’t waste your time trying to appeal unfair parking tickets, stop parking tickets before they are issued....

Whether it’s a Parking Ticket, Penalty Charge Notice, Fixed Penalty, Parking Fine or PCN, that little yellow and black piece of paper can ruin your day.

You could of course take time out of your life and fight unfair parking tickets, but If you run a Delivery Company, Courier company, Licensed Taxi Company, Private Hire Company or are just a law abiding motorist who wants to pop down to the shops to support your local high street, you are a potential target for an unfair parking ticket.

The average parking ticket in the UK costs £120, and the average clamp costs £260. Mind My Motor is an app for every single Mobile phone, and for £1, $1, €1, or even ¥1, it could stop you getting parking tickets before they are issued.

How does it work?

The problem every motorist faces is that parking regulations are different from one town to the next so once you’ve downloaded the app and spent two minutes registering your car registration number you’re good to go. Every time you park up, tap the checkin button and within seconds you’ll receive an alert back telling you if you’re safe to park or if other users have flagged it up as a parking hotspot…that’s it.

If you do find that this is one of those areas that have not yet been flagged as a parking trap by your fellow motorist, tap 'share' tab, and you can post your comments on our facebook group or twitter page. Once we’ve got 20 other users to validate this location, we will gladly add the warning to the app – free of charge!

But wait, that's not it...

If you see another car in the process of being ticketed, type in their car registration, and if they are also a registered user, within 20 seconds they will get an alert telling them that someones booking their car (as will all other registered users within 200m). If it turns out they they weren’t registered, don’t forget to tell them about Mind My Motor as one day they may be minding your motor.

Click here to get Mind My Motor for your phone today.